Need Comcast 3 in 1 universal remote code for a Sanyo TV?

Answer hit tv, hold set up down till it blinks twice, punch in 991, (Should blink twice again), hit number 1 (should blink twice) then slowly keep hitting ch up till tv turns off, then hit setup again.

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Code needed for comcast universal remote The tv is a sanyo?

Battlefield Eliminate Pro Call of Duty Zombies (I'm not sure because I don't have it) Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus hope this helps =D

Need a code for Philips universal remote for a sanyo tv?

Coby TV and the universal code is not on the list for my comcast cable remote I tried the universal code on their website that isn't it Anyone know what the code is?

If you are a DirecTV or Cox subscriber, you may sync a universal remote to your television using code 1548 or 11548. These codes are for use with the following Coby television models: TFTV1022, T... Read More »

What is the code for avm2577u sanyo tv when using a sanyo b19205 universal remote?

you need to bring the remote and the car to a GM dealership and have them do it. its like 50 for the remote and 50 for them to program it