Need A good routine?

Answer Believe it or not, recent studies suggest that those who sleep at least 7-8 hrs a day, lose weight better than those who sleep more or less than the average.You body needs sleep to prepare to lose ... Read More »

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I need a bad breath/ Halitosis CURE! I have good Oral Routine?

First you should get a dental check up to make sure you dont have cavities or gum disease (if so you should care for that first and see if your halitosis continues. Then you must make sure that the... Read More »

Need help with gym work out routine?

www.bodybuilding.comthat website is a wonder from God!!! There's tabs at the top saying "find a plan" then you follow the steps saying whether you're male/female, your goal with working out (fat lo... Read More »

I need a routine to get abs and musclesI'm skinny.10 points?…click that link for for diet, u need high calorie foods such as junk food, chips, ice cream, peanut butter, any greasy food or fried Read More »

Is this a good makeup routine?