Need A Cheap Camcorder great video.Whats the best for me.?

Answer The best thing I know that is under $250 is Sony HDR-CX190.…It is 1920 x 1080 = 1080p native resolution and 30x optical zoom. Good for a beginner.

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I need a cheap camcorder that is cool please send me a site of that camcorder please.?

Want something cool?Just go here! They have a lot of cool camcorder!Hope i help!

Best (cheap) HD Camcorder?

For your requirements, go with the Kodak Zi8. Many pocket cams do not take still images but the Zi8 does (5.3MP). It's also the only pocket cam I know of that has an external microphone jack. You c... Read More »

What would be the best relatively cheap camcorder?

I have a cobra dvc900 video camcorder and it can take photos and videos and it was only like $88.00

Do anyone know where can I get a camcorder for cheap?

I found one really cheap at a yard sale. But, Ebay, Craig's list and Pawn Shops are good options. My main camera is from Ebay, and I know shopping for an upgrade. The key is to research and know wh... Read More »