Need 100 people to survey!!!! please for school project?

Answer I'm vegetarian.

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Whats ur favorite old band out of the following list Plz your answers NEEDED (survey project)?

Dried Food Project Ideas for a School Project?

Dried food items such as fruits, beans and pastas are pantry staples because they have a long shelf life and are convenient items for snacking and cooking. Take advantage of the accessibility of dr... Read More »

Survey for people with tattoos?

How many? about 20Are they extremely visible? most of them areWhen you are out and about, do you cover them up? noAre they graphic in nature? noHow old when you got your first one? 16What/Where is ... Read More »

Can people with diabetes answer my survey?

1. Type one just to clarify i am not fat and did not get diabetes because i am fat2. I got it when i was 9 i am now 15 so a little over 6 years3. Noone knows me n my twin bro are the only people in... Read More »