Need 100 people to survey!!!! please for school project?

Answer I'm vegetarian.

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Please Help - Need to complete Survey for school. How many trees do you have in your back yard?

ok well.. I live in the woods.. on a 3 acre lot of property.. so i have roughly 150 trees in my yardMy neighbor behind me has about a thousand trees on his lot cuz he owns about 15 acresMy neighbor... Read More »

Survey for school about ice cream. I need 50 responses?

Please Star my question if you want YA to stop all the Project Payday People..?

It's apparant that Project Payday doesn't work or these people wouldn't have the need (or time) to recruit others. They'd actually be making money instead. I just ignore them. You should too.

I need a name for a mexican project!?

El CharritoMano'sTaco AgaveDos SalsasSerranos. La Comida Buena.Yep! :)