Necrotic Spots on Plants?

Answer Necrotic spots are brown and yellow spots on plants foliage that are caused by a variety of fungal, bacterial and insect infestations. While some blemishes cause aesthetic damage, others damage pla... Read More »

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Plants for Hot Spots?

Whether you have a green thumb or not, gardening in hot or arid climates can be difficult. While sunlight and heat is a key component for plant growth, too much of either can quickly kill your beau... Read More »

Why are there white spots on tomato plants?

A plethora of plant diseases and bugs attack tomato plants. It is essential to be aware of your tomato plant health so you can quickly identify any problems that may arise and take proper steps bef... Read More »

Black Spots on House Plants?

Specific pests and diseases are not always to blame with houseplants. Quite often, the cause of ill health or death is usually too much or too little food, light, warmth or humidity. ... Read More »

What Causes Brown Spots on Aloe Vera Plants?

Aloe vera is a very undemanding houseplant that has some potential medical uses. It is sometimes called the burn plant because of the property in its sap that soothes burns and other skin injuries.... Read More »