Neck Problems HELP!!! 10POINTS GAURANTEED!?

Answer A) chiropractor B) just massage your neck constantly C) gently roll your neck around D) sleep on a good pillow!

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Help with Neck Problems?

There is no doubt in my mind that you should have gone to casualty, so get down there asap. I had an injury many years ago where I slipped down some steps on an escalator. At the time I had a 'sore... Read More »


You can do one of two things, to remove most of that dye. 1. By using Tide detergent with shampooGoogle "How to Remove Dye from Hair"or2. By shampooing you hair mix with a bit of Dawn.Google "How t... Read More »

HELP MEE! PLEASE! easy 10points!?

Hey!What you need to do is put a cold cream on your face like Nivea, Ponds (the best for cooling), or some other cool cream. This will make the pain go away for a bit. Then you need to put some fac... Read More »

Alg. I plz help 10points 4 best answer!?