Nebulizer Treatment in Cardiac Patients?

Answer The use of nebulizer treatments in some cardiac (heart) patients helps improve outcomes and survival. A nebulizer machine changes liquid medication into fine droplets (aerosol or mist form) that ar... Read More »

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Use of Mycelium by Cardiac Patients?

Mycelium is a fancy term for fungus. More specifically, it is the "vegetative part of fungus," according to the Australian National Botanic Gardens. Mushrooms are the result of mycelium growth, or ... Read More »

Do patients go home the same day they have a cardiac catheterization?

As long as there are no complications, you will be allowed to go home the same day when you have a cardiac catheterization. You should not drive yourself home from the hospital; have a friend or fa... Read More »

Can a hospital refuse treatment based on their assumption that the patients insurance will not cover treatment?

Answer If it is a life threating emergency no hospital can refuse treatment. Even if you are a adult and go to a children's hospital. They must stabalize you then they can tansfer you. Non-profit h... Read More »

Do cancer patients in the USA have to pay for treatment?

Other people are more qualified than I am to explain the US system; there always seem to be people claiming that no cancer patient need go untreated in the US through lack of funds - but at the sam... Read More »