Naval Radio Protocols?

Answer Naval radio protocols, also known as maritime radio protocols, are those protocols used while doing some kind of boating, via a personal sailboat or by the U.S. Coast Guard on a rescue mission. Na... Read More »

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Are there protocols for naval vessels in communicating with ships of other governments?

Unless the vessels are military allies (e.g., NATO), where communication is typically over established channels and with established protocols, communication is typically done in accordance with i... Read More »

What naval rank does a graduate of the US Naval Academy hold?

What naval officer exemplified the new Navy's drive for professional development and leadership in naval sciences with his experiments on the speed of light?

When will we be able to hear both xm radio and sirus radio on the same radio?

Idk, but as i was on a trip in the car, i was vaugely listening to a report that i think said Siruis and XM were going to join, but idk if it is true... and i beilive the name for the combined comp... Read More »