Natural ways to cause true contractions in pregnancy?

Answer If you are at the end of your pregnancy and your doctor is talking induction there are a couple of methods you can use to avoid it. The simplest is to eat the spiciest food you can stand then short... Read More »

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Contractions are intermittent painless uterine contractions that are not true labor pains?

"the distance between first pregnancy and period cause breast cancer" is it true?

Umm the baby is not in her stomach. Your "thought" is totally primary school-ish. Gee, I guess it depends on where she put the first baby and how far away she has other one, distance wise...

How do you time true labor contractions?

You start the timing at the begining of one contraction until the pain stops, and time how long it lasts. This shows how long the contractions are, but in order to get the correct time apart for ea... Read More »

What are good ways to naturally speed up contractions?

Answer It is never a good idea to purposely put yourself into labor. However, if you are already in labor, and are right around the time you are due, then helping things along wont hurt. Pepperm... Read More »