Natural ways to cause true contractions in pregnancy?

Answer If you are at the end of your pregnancy and your doctor is talking induction there are a couple of methods you can use to avoid it. The simplest is to eat the spiciest food you can stand then short... Read More »

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Contractions are intermittent painless uterine contractions that are not true labor pains?

How do you time true labor contractions?

You start the timing at the begining of one contraction until the pain stops, and time how long it lasts. This shows how long the contractions are, but in order to get the correct time apart for ea... Read More »

If you had true labor contractions last night and they stopped will they be back soon?

True labor will not usually stop. Labor that stops is, by definition, false labor. False labor is common, especially in a second or third (or fourth, etc.) pregnancy. These contractions, however... Read More »

When do you go to the hospital when having pregnancy contractions?

My midwife told me you go when REAL CONTRACTIONS ARE: 5 minutes apart....Lasting 1 minute.....And for 1 hour THAT IS WHEN YOUR IN TRUE LABOR