Natural remedies and solutions for stress...?

Answer Please ignore the recommendation for kava kava as it has been ruled unsafe. I use rescue remedy and kalms tablets for a quick fix. I suffer from killer pms and find that intensive exercise such as ... Read More »

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Natural and Herbal Remedies for Stress in Place of Prozac?

Antidepressant drugs have generated more than $20 billion in sales, according to Ray Moynihan and Alan Cassels, authors of "Selling Sickness." Prozac belongs to the antidepressant drug group known ... Read More »

28082012-World Anger Day Contribution by Acupressure & Indian Natural remedies.Any other remedies?

so is this a question or telling us something. i think the second one. this is good information.

Natural repellants for mosquitos Natural remedies for bites.?

Avon skin so soft body oil works really well, even better than DEET, at least it always has for me. There is something about the scent that bugs hate. As for the bites, try a paste of baking soda a... Read More »

What are some remedies to remove stress?

some remedies is to relax and take in and out deep breaths let be around no one and listen to music also a good way to be happy and not stressed is to sing a song singing makes you happy i was told... Read More »