Natural pain relief veggies & vegans?

Answer Yeah, I did wonder this myself. I know there is limited pain relief non-animal tested, eg headaches/indigestion/cramp cures that are herbal or non-animal tested, as I'm against this kind of thing m... Read More »

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Why are so many veggies & vegans against peta?

I'm divided about PETA. I appreciate their efforts at bringing awareness of a real problem to the masses. They certainly did that for me. I am very moved by visual materials generally (fine art... Read More »

Would Veggies/Vegans have a problem with?

people come on dont be so stupid he asked whether they would have a problem with it being eaten, not if they would eat it. if they would eat it, then they wouldnt be vegeterians/vegans, now would ... Read More »

Question for vegans/veggies?

You are making the assumption that there is only one reason to eat vegetarian. Not true! Some people (like me for instance) have noticed, over time, what works best for their own body and what does... Read More »

Do veggies and vegans have higher sex drives?

Wow, this is a place I am going to have to visit!