Natural child birth stretched out my vagina, how do I get it tight again?

Answer Have a go with the toning balls- is a much cheaper option then surgery and I hear that they work. C-sections leave your stomach muscles pretty destroyed and it takes longer to heal after birth then... Read More »

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Does a women's vagina hurt during natural birth?

Yes and otherwise as well. The epidural don't go that far down.

How did vaginal child birth effect your vagina?

I tore and it was very sore after. I couldn' have sex at 6 wks post-pardum because it was SO sore. I went to my OBGYN at 4 months post-pardum and found out that it was a sore/strained internal musc... Read More »

How much does a natural child birth cost?

nothing it just comes out the womans tummy !! Megan 11

How can you tell if you have a tight or loose vagina?

The "tightness" of your vagina is really dependent on how tone your kegel muscles are. Picture your vagina as being a rubber band (bare with me) the more of a work out you give it by stretching it;... Read More »