Natural Ways to Kill Nematodes in the Lawn?

Answer Nematodes are microscopic worms that generally live in the soil. There are many species of nematodes but those that prey on lawn grasses infect the roots and cause the grass to decline in patches w... Read More »

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Do nematodes kill your lawn?

Nematodes are microscopic worms that live in the soil. Nematodes eat grass roots, which can eventually kill the grass and your lawn, if the nematodes feed on the entire lawn.References:NaEx Corp: I... Read More »

Is there a natural way to kill the weeds in my lawn with out chemicals?

Mow as high as your mower will allow you as frequently as you can stand. Three inches is best. This lets grass grow to a maximum density to shade out weeds and weed seeds. Grass can tolerate repeat... Read More »

Natural Ways to Kill Headlice?

A lice and nit infestation is not a life-threatening medical condition. It is however, an annoyance encountered by many families with school-aged children. Lice are bloodsuckers that require a huma... Read More »

Natural Ways to Kill Grass and Weeds?

Many times a gardener faces the difficult task of removing unwanted turf grass and weeds to enhance the appearance of the landscape. Although chemical methods of removal including herbicides provid... Read More »