Natural Ways to Dye Your Hair Blonde?

Answer What lengths would you go to dye your hair blonde? Unnatural blondes use chemicals such as peroxide to strip the color from their hair. This leaves the hair damaged and weak. There are natural ways... Read More »

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Asked for "natural blonde" highlights and now have white-blonde roots and slightly orange hair?

Your hair won't fall out from dying it again, but the color matching will be difficult. Take care with this.

Iwant to dye my hair. i have naturaly blonde hair. will my color ever go back to its natural shade?

The only way your hair will 'go back' to it's natural shade is if you use a temporary hair color, which is designed to wash out in a number of washes(usually 1), or semi permanent color on un-damag... Read More »

How to Dye Natural Black Hair Blonde?

Dyeing your hair can give you a new sense of style, boost your confidence and even make you look younger. If you have black hair, you can dye your hair two shades lighter without a problem. However... Read More »

Cute Ways to Color Blonde Hair?

Naturally blonde hair often tends to be finer and thinner than darker hair. For this reason, the use of color can be an effective way of giving the illusion of thicker and fuller hair. There are al... Read More »