Natural Ways of Getting Healthy Silky Hair?

Answer You can spend hundreds of dollars on hair products and appliances and still not have the shiny hair that you would like. Luckily, there are some natural ways that you can achieve healthy, silky ha... Read More »

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How to Have Healthy, Shiny Silky Hair?

Keep your hair in tip-top condition for silkiness and shineHaving hair which is healthy,shiny and irresistibly silky is something that many of us would love,but think that to have hair in such love... Read More »

How to Have A Silky, Healthy Black Hair?

I remember my instructor said, why do people spend money monthly on parlors and beauty products just to maintain a beautiful hair, while hair is all made of dead cells.?Keratin is a special, fibrio... Read More »

Easy Tricks to Make Hair Healthy & Silky Again?

Every day, hair is damaged by a number of elements: weather, chemicals, stress, friction and styling. If your hair is damaged, there are a few simple tips you can follow to make it healthy and silk... Read More »

~~**What should i use to make my hair grow more healthy, thick, shiny, silky & long**~~ ?

hello babe, well lets start. ur quite young so dont stress, usually if u are stressed about something it takes roughly three months for your body to show tell tale signs, so if u had surgery where ... Read More »