Natural Way to Repel Mice?

Answer Mice do not only invade dirty or untidy homes; they can also thrive in clean homes as long as they have a food source. Mice often chew through food packages and leave behind droppings in your home.... Read More »

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Does peppermint repel mice?

Yes, peppermint can serve as a repellent for mice. Placing a cotton ball soaked in peppermint oil where mice may roam can drive away the rodents. Peppermint is often chosen as a method to repel mic... Read More »

Does mint repel mice?

Fresh mint and pure mint extract are known to repel mice. If you are using mint to repel mice or other rodents, make sure that you replenish the mint often to keep the scent strong.References:Exter... Read More »

How to Repel Mice Naturally?

Mice are carriers of disease. They can transfer harmful bacteria by contaminating food sources and surfaces with their fecal matter. Mice can live in your home or around your garden. Mice also can ... Read More »

Do moth balls repel mice?

Although mostly used to repel moths from destroying fabrics, mothballs can be used to repel mice as well. Mothballs are toxic to all living creatures, so be careful and use them sparingly and out o... Read More »