Natural Way of Removing Hair?

Answer If you want to remove hair naturally without using smelly depilatory creams or high-tech laser treatments, there are a few methods for your consideration. Waxing, sugaring and threading are natural... Read More »

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Natural Method of Removing Yellow From White Hair?

Natural white hair can be stunning, unless it has a yellow cast to it. Silver and gray hair can have a yellowish cast to it as well, but the causes and remedies are the same as for pure white hair... Read More »

A Natural Face Scrubber for Removing Blackheads?

A type of acne is called a blackhead, and it is noninflammatory so it appears as a small, black dot inside a pore. Most often, blackheads show up around the chin, nose and forehead. They occur whe... Read More »

Natural Masks for Removing Acne Scars?

Acne scars can remain on the skin for weeks, or even months, after the active acne blemishes have disappeared. This can be frustrating to the sufferer, and can make the skin seem blotchy, discolore... Read More »

How do ya grow natural hair long quick It's grown a lot since I went natural, but I want it longer!?

Currently i have long hair and have been learning alot so...i do not have a relaxer i stopped getting them 5 years ago ( and i've only have 3 relaxers in my life time so this is all natural) so i c... Read More »