Natural Way of Getting Rid of a Flakey Scalp?

Answer There are many causes of flaky scalp, including an irritation to shampoos, conditioners or hair products, lack of proper nutrition, stress or environmental factors. While there are products in stor... Read More »

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Dry Scalp Natural Remedies?

A dry scalp can be an annoying and embarrassing problem for people who find themselves scratching or picking at their heads because of irritation and discomfort. Dandruff is a common occurrence wit... Read More »

Dry Scalp Natural Treatment?

There are many natural treatments for dry scalps. Anti-dandruff shampoo can be a hindrance to a dry scalp, extracting more moisture from the skin. Home remedies are often used to add moisture to th... Read More »

Natural Oils That Are Good for the Scalp?

Natural, or essential, oils have been used for centuries to cure all types of ailments. Essential oils are still used today by many to help maintain a healthy scalp, and thus, healthy hair. Many sh... Read More »

Natural Remedy for Itchy Scalp?

A dry, itchy scalp is not only annoying it can be embarrassing also. You may start to avoid wearing dark colors, which can emphasize the flakes falling onto your shoulders and back. Various natural... Read More »