Natural Treatment for Rough Calluses on the Feet?

Answer While they can technically occur anywhere that there is friction, such as hands or even elbows, calluses are most commonly found on feet. Caused by prolonged friction in an area, calluses can be pa... Read More »

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How to Minimize Calluses on the Feet?

While most calluses don't pose a threat to your health, they can appear unsightly and cause embarrassment, especially for those who expose their feet on a regular basis. Lovers of sandals or strapp... Read More »

How to Remove Calluses From Your Feet?

Calluses are the rough and dry scaly parts of your feet, most common along the edges of your heels and along the balls of your toes. To obtain model-pretty feet, give yourself a pedicure. In a few ... Read More »

How to Treat Calluses on Bottom of Feet?

Repeated friction and pressure on the soles of your feet -- such as the balls or the heels -- can result in the development of calluses, a thick patch of hard, dead skin. Ill-fitting shoes also co... Read More »

How to Treat Corns and Calluses Using Natural Remedies?

Corns and calluses result from friction and pressure. On the feet, calluses usually come from wearing ill-fitting shoes or deformities, such as bunions. Calluses also occur on the palms of the hand... Read More »