Natural Treatment for Grass Allergies in Dogs?

Answer Allergies are unfortunately very common in dogs. Dogs can be allergic to everything and anything, including grass. Grass allergies in dogs can be horribly difficult to treat and deal with, since do... Read More »

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Homeopathic Treatment for Allergies in Dogs?

If your canine friend suffers from allergies, you might consider using a homeopathic treatment to relieve his symptoms, or potentially eliminate the allergy. Homeopathy is a type of treatment that... Read More »

Natural Ringworm Treatment for Dogs?

Ringworm is the result of a fungal infection. Ringworm is easily transmitted from between dogs, or when your dog touches a contaminated object. Spores from the ringworm fungus can be contained on b... Read More »

Natural Treatment for Dementia in Dogs?

Canine Cognitive Dysfunction is an Alzheimer's-like condition occurring in some aging dogs. Dogs experience dementia, changes in personality and general confusion. For many pet owners, it is diffic... Read More »

Bermuda Grass Allergies?

Bermuda grass is one of the more common grasses used on lawns because of its drought-resistant nature and reasonable cost, according to Bermuda grass can be planted from seeds, so... Read More »