Natural Stone Cleaners?

Answer Natural stone, used for many surfaces in homes, including floors, counter tops and walls, requires proper care to maintain its lustrous finish. Several stone cleaners are available, but certain ele... Read More »

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Do steam vapor cleaners work on stone?

Steam vapor cleaners can be used on stone as well as many other household surfaces. One of the advantages of cleaning this way is that stone can be cleaned without the use of harsh chemicals.Source... Read More »

Where does natural stone come from?

Natural stone is any stone that is mined, or is found in the ground, such as slate, marble or granite. Man-made, or synthetic stone, on the other hand, can be made to look like natural stone. One k... Read More »

How do I cut natural stone?

Hammer and ChiselScore the stone top, bottom and sides where you plan to cut. Use the corner of a bolster chisel (a broad, steel chisel designed for masonry work) to mark the stone. Place the stone... Read More »

How do I clean natural stone?

Dry CleaningRemove dirt and debris from the floor often because it can scratch and dull natural stone surfaces. This can be done with a broom, dust mop or a vacuum with a soft brush attachment.Wet ... Read More »