Natural Sprays for Bugs on Basil?

Answer Sweet basil and its spicier cousin basils are culinary favorites in the kitchen and decorative in the garden. They can, however, fall prey to infestations of spider mites, aphids, mealy bugs and ot... Read More »

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How long after pest control sprays will the bugs go away?

The time it takes for pest control sprays to work on bugs depends on the life cycle of the bug. With fleas, their cycle can be up to eight weeks. Ants can take one to two weeks, providing you find ... Read More »

How to Keep Bugs Off Basil Plants?

Basil is an herb cultivated for its culinary use and its fragrant leaves. It is usually a hardy plant, which has a strong aroma that keeps away most pests. However, basil is still susceptible to at... Read More »

How do i keep bugs off basil plants?

Companion PlantingPrevent or control most basil plant pests with companion planting. Some plants naturally repel the pests to which basil is vulnerable, or they attract beneficial insects that will... Read More »

How to Stop Basil Bugs Naturally?

Though there are technically no bugs called basil bugs, there are plenty of bugs that feast on basil plants. Aphids, mites, cutter worms, beetles and ants are all very fond of basil plants. Since b... Read More »