Natural Sources of Methane Gas?

Answer Methane gas is a colorless and odorless gas found naturally occurring the planet over. It is the main constituent of natural gas, but methane also occurs naturally from different biological process... Read More »

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Is natural gas the same as methane gas from landfills?

Natural gas contains numerous gases, including, but not limited to, methane, ethane, oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen. Methane gas is typically the greatest concentration of any single gas--as m... Read More »

How to Make String from Natural Sources?

Are you in the middle of a thicket and need some string or rope? Many types of plants contain useful fiber; the dried common stinging nettle is a good source for string. Willow bark can provide wha... Read More »

Natural Sources of Nitrogen for Planting?

Lawn grasses, trees, shrubs and garden plants all require nitrogen for optimal growth. Although chemical fertilizers may help improve nutrient levels in the soil and promote healthy plant growth, t... Read More »

Natural Sources of Noise Pollution?

Noise pollution can affect the surrounding environment by causing negative reactions in people and animals in that environment. While nature is not in itself considered to be a creator of noise pol... Read More »