Natural Remedy for Dog Coughing?

Answer When your dog starts coughing, it can have many causes and be a symptom of a larger problem. Natural remedies can treat the cough and its underlying causes to help your dog get back to health. Seek... Read More »

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How to Stop Coughing Using Home and Natural Remedies?

Coughing is more than just an annoyance. Coughing too much can cause severe pain to the throat, annoy others or affect your ability to deliver a talk. The most common cause of coughing is the flu o... Read More »

Is my sinus infection getting better, or worse Coughing up more crud, but coughing a lot less than I was...?

You're getting better. Never expect a cough to go away that soon no matter if you have antibiotics or not. A cough will last at least 2 weeks.

Best natural remedy for the following?

In addition to the excellent answer by my friend Minx above, The homeopathic remedy prescribed exactly according to your individual symptoms will cure all of the disorders you have given above and... Read More »

Natural Remedy for Age Spots?

Age spots are unsightly, dark marks typically occurring after the age of 55 for most people. These age spots are often a result of years of sun damage. There are a variety of ways to remove them in... Read More »