Natural Remedy for Blocked Hair Follicles?

Answer Blocked hair follicles are related to nutrition deficiencies, skin hygiene, hormones and other factors. The results of a blocked hair follicle can be the stoppage of hair growth, acne and possible ... Read More »

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Natural Ways to Repair Damaged Hair Follicles?

Excessive exposure to the sun, infrequent hair care regimens or even improper diets can lead to damaged hair follicles. While there is a plethora of oils and potions and drugs to help you combat th... Read More »

Natural Ways to Fortify Hair Follicles & Prevent Loss?

You need a healthy hair structure to prevent hair loss. Hair problems can be caused by aging, genetics, hormone changes, mineral and oxygen deficiencies, medication side effects, over processing or... Read More »

Natural Hair Loss Remedy?

Hair loss is a sensitive issue for men and women. While medical-based products like Rogaine (over-the-counter) and Propecia (requires a prescription) have proven effective for some people, they can... Read More »

Natural Remedy for Gray Hair?

As we age, the body produces less melanin, a substance responsible for our hair color. This is just one of the many reasons why people have gray hair. Stress and smoking also can contribute to turn... Read More »