Natural Products That Cure Bad Breath?

Answer Suffering from bad breath and the rather awkward social repercussions that accompany your unnecessary stink? Here are some natural methods that can cure bad breath and help boost your self confiden... Read More »

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What is a natural cure for bad breath?

What are the best natural products for whiter teeth, fresher breath?

Chewing on crunchy foods like carrots, apples and celery, is said to cause friction which helps get debris off your teeth that can stain them. There are many old natural remedies and some new natur... Read More »

Is it true that cheese can cure bad breath or help whiten teeth because of enzymes?

I think my grandmother painted her teeth white with fingernail polish once. Might have been a dream but it sure seemed real. Anyways that's my one true story for the day. Back to compulsive lying.

Natural Products That Are Good for Healthy Hair?

Natural and homemade cosmetics for the hair are becoming more popular by the day. Home remedies can be used to cure hair loss, dandruff, dry scalp, dull hair and weak hair. The best part about usin... Read More »