Natural Places to Find Saltpeter?

Answer Saltpeter is the popular name for the chemicals potassium nitrate and sodium nitrate. It is an important component of fertilizers, explosives, food preservatives, propellants and toothpaste for sen... Read More »

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How do i get saltpeter on frontierville?

Here's what I got, you have to complete the manure collection. I had to look and look to find this, man this game is like a wild chase trying to find everything!!!so how to get saltpeter on frontie... Read More »

Is saltpeter toxic?

On One Hand: Approved UsesThe U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that sodium nitrate (saltpeter) is acceptable for human consumption. Saltpeter is most commonly used in agricultural ... Read More »

Is saltpeter dangerous to humans?

On One Hand: Urban LegendsUrban legend says that saltpeter can be used to impair erections; although saltpeter can relax involuntary muscles, which led to its occasional use in asthma treatment, th... Read More »

How to Find Places to Relocate?

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