Natural Pesticides for Tomato Plants?

Answer Picking a large, juicy tomato during the summer time is one of the great rewards for vegetable gardeners. During the growing process, however, tomato plants may face a variety of enemies including ... Read More »

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I have slugs in my garden. How can I get rid of them without pesticides and as natural as possible?

Do NOT put salt in your garden, it will harm your plants. The beer thing does work, the slugs drown in it; however, they do die happy!You can also put Diatomaceous Earth around your plants througho... Read More »

Natural Pesticides for Apple Trees?

Having an insect problem with your apple trees can cause a number of issues that can be hard to reverse. From the growth of harmful molds, disease and insects boring into the apples before they are... Read More »

How to keep bugs away from plants without pesticides?

We have plants that we cover by using see-through fabric and tenting that around the plants. We hold up the tent by using wooden poles and making a rectangle around the chosen plants.

Natural Mosquito Pesticides: Home Remedies?

Most people consider mosquitoes a nuisance. They are also a serious problem due to the diseases they may carry and transmit. Synthetic pesticides are available for mosquitoes, yet some people have ... Read More »