Natural Nail Growth?

Answer Beautifully manicured nails are an enhancement to your total look. Nails are useful for many things, such as scratching an itch or a surface. They are hard and can cut into softer substances like ... Read More »

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Natural Remedies for Slow Nail Growth?

On average, a person's nails will grow only 1/10 an inch per month. In addition, improper diet, nail-biting or inadequate moisturizing can lead to brittle and broken nails. There are several natura... Read More »

Nail-like Growth on Dog?

Growths and lumps on dogs are common, especially as dogs age. A growth on your dog that looks just like a toenail is rare. The growth is as hard as a toenail and clips like a toenail but contains n... Read More »

Nail Growth?

Despite their small size, fingernails love to get attention. They're on display as you talk, gesture, eat, type or make that annoying clicking sound with your pen. Fortunately, these mini-divas are... Read More »

Nail Structure & Growth?

Nails are the great tools located at the ends of your fingertips. They have many different uses, from scratching an itch to peeling the skin off of an orange. Nails can be used as defense weapons a... Read More »