Natural Medicine Courses?

Answer http://www.naturalhealtheducationcenter.………http://ww... Read More »

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Would it be fair to describe courses in alternative medicine as qualifications in memorising nonsense?

Certainly things like homeopathy and reiki teach a huge amount of mystical and unsubstantiated nonsense. How much of this you have to remember is debatable, if you forget it all then it makes no di... Read More »

Any reading suggestion for natural medicine?

Yes..1."Prescription for Nutritional Healing"...James Balch M.D.2. Anything authored by Dr. Don Colbert.3. Anything authored by Dr. Robert O. Young4. Anything authored by Steve Meyerowitz5............ Read More »

Natural Arthritis Medicine for Dogs?

Osteoarthritis occurs in older dogs, just as it does in humans. Cartilage in the joints wears away, causing the joint to become swollen and painful. Dog states that arthritis affects 1 in 5... Read More »

What is a good natural medicine?

Estrogen does not cause cancer. If it did, we would be dead in our twenties when our estrogen levels were optimal. In our twenties, we didn’t get the same diseases and symptoms we get in perime... Read More »