Natural Medicine Courses?

Answer http://www.naturalhealtheducationcenter.………http://ww... Read More »

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Would it be fair to describe courses in alternative medicine as qualifications in memorising nonsense?

Certainly things like homeopathy and reiki teach a huge amount of mystical and unsubstantiated nonsense. How much of this you have to remember is debatable, if you forget it all then it makes no di... Read More »

What is a question about natural medicine?

Some good questions would be:"If natural medicine works, why don't they use it in hospitals?""If it's medicine and cures people, why isn't it simply just called 'medicine' instead of 'alternative m... Read More »

What is a good natural medicine?

Estrogen does not cause cancer. If it did, we would be dead in our twenties when our estrogen levels were optimal. In our twenties, we didn’t get the same diseases and symptoms we get in perime... Read More »

What are the objections to Natural/Alternative Medicine?

1. Osteopathic principles and philosophy have never been disproved and still hold water today physiologically speaking2. Clinical trials for Osteopathy and Manual therapy show encouraging trends an... Read More »