Natural Leather Treatment?

Answer Leather seats, apparel and luggage are high quality items mainly made from processed cattle hides. When leather items become stained, proper cleaning is a necessary part in maintaining the material... Read More »

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Mink Oil as a Wet Leather Treatment?

Mink oil is a long-standing treatment for wet leather but is perhaps not the best treatment. It does little harm, used sparingly, but has some drawbacks compared to other available treatments. ... Read More »

Chemical Treatment of Leather?

Leather is treated with chemicals throughout its life. Without the necessary chemical process, leather would rot and disintegrate as a part of the natural decomposition process of skin. Leather is ... Read More »

Audi Leather Treatment?

Select Audi models have leather seats as their factory standard, but it is available as a custom option for all models. Like all leather, the Audi's upholstery will require periodic treatments and ... Read More »

Leather Stain Treatment?

A leather cleaner and conditioner can remove most simple stains from any leather product. However, for tougher stains, such as ink and dye transfer stains, several removal methods are very effectiv... Read More »