Natural Home Remedies to Kill Fruit Flies?

Answer Fruit flies are often found in the home and outdoors hovering around over-ripened fruit, garbage and yeasty materials in alcohol. Fruit flies are often at their worst during the summer months. Alth... Read More »

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Natural Home Remedies That Kill Fire Ants?

Red Imported Fire Ants form loose dirt-filled mounds that rise above the ground's surface. When disturbed, the ants swarm over the ground and attack anyone or anything disturbing the mound. The sti... Read More »

Natural Remedies to Kill Carpenter Ants at Home?

Carpenter ants can be an annoying and highly destructive problem in any home. If you live an environmentally friendly lifestyle, you may want natural methods for getting rid of ants. The holistic a... Read More »

How to Kill Fruit Flies?

The dog days of summer often bring with it unwanted fruit fly infestations in our kitchens. If you keep a fresh fruit bowl handy on the kitchen table in hopes that your kids will snack from it, but... Read More »

How to Kill Fruit Flies With Black Flag?

Fruit flies are one of several types of flies that you may encounter inside your home, especially in the warmer months of the year. Adult fruit flies are typically between 1/8 and 1/4 inch in lengt... Read More »