Natural Herbs to Exterminate and Repel Spiders?

Answer Spiders may be welcome in the garden where they protect your vegetables from other harmful insects, but there is nothing like seeing a spider walking across a ceiling, floor, or wall in your house ... Read More »

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Do hedge apples repel spiders?

Although many people have used hedge apples, which come from Osage orange trees, as a home remedy for keeping spiders out of their homes, no study has proven that this type of fruit can repel insec... Read More »

Shrubs That Repel Spiders and Bugs?

Use of toxic pesticides can be avoided by choosing insect- and disease-resistant shrub cultivars, according to Virginia Tech Cooperative Extension. Gardeners can choose native shrubs for their abil... Read More »

What herbs repel insects?

Almost all herbs are good for discouraging insect pests, because almost all herbs have strong scents.sage is helpful planted next to cabbage to improve the taste and repel cabbage worms and moths.G... Read More »

Herbs That Repel Moles & Erosion?

Moles may eat insects and control insect outbreaks, but the creatures can be the bane of a homeowner's existence as their burrowing can ruin a lawn and garden. There are a few natural ways to eithe... Read More »