Natural Dreadlock Maintanence Tips?

Answer Once you get your dreadlocks established, you do not have to worry about daily styling, but you do need to take care of them. The longer you grow your locks, the more time you have to invest in the... Read More »

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Natural Dreadlock Styles?

Bob Marley institutionalized the trend of dreadlocks, bringing to light the Rastafarian tradition of hair styling. Depending upon your gender, there are a number of different dreadlock styles you c... Read More »

Dreadlock Care Tips?

Dreadlocks pose a different hair care challenge, one that reflects the spiritual aspects of the Rastafarian movement, as found in Old Testament books of Levitus and Numbers, which mention not cutt... Read More »

How to Bleach Dreadlock Tips?

One look that has been quite popular is dyeing only the tips of the hair. This is a great way to apply different color to your hair, add some creativity to your look and to have hair color without ... Read More »

Different Color Dreadlock Tips?

Dreadlocks, a popular hairstyle originating with people of African descent, have become popular with other ethnic groups as well in recent years. Though you can decorate dreadlocks in a wide variet... Read More »