Natural Control for Cabbage Maggots?

Answer Cabbage maggots are the larvae of flies that lay their eggs at the base of many kinds of cole crops. They are highly destructive and, once infestation occurs, are nearly impossible to get rid of. B... Read More »

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Natural Ways to Control Flies?

Flies are a nuisance, whether they're in your house, your barn or your backyard. These buzzing, persistent little pests live and breed on decaying matter, such as around compost piles, manure heaps... Read More »

Natural Spider Control Herbs?

There are dozens of herbs that can be used for spider pest control. The most pungent, or strongly scented, herbs will drive away not only spiders but a wide variety of pests that can enter the home... Read More »

Food Additives for Natural Flea Control?

Most pet owners are aware of the pesky insect problem associated with owning a cat or dog. Fleas are irritating to both owners and pets, and serious skin ailments can occur in pets who are infested... Read More »

Natural Remedies to Control Canine Seizures?

Brief episodes of uncontrolled movement, or seizures, may involve the whole body or only one area. Your dog may have repeated episodes or only one. According to Dr. Gary Roznick, DVM, of Epilepsy O... Read More »