Natural Braiding Styles?

Answer Braids make great natural hairstyles because they do not require you to chemically straighten, color or texturize your hair. As long as your hair is at least 3 inches in length, it is long enough t... Read More »

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Braiding Styles for Natural Hair Mohawks?

Mohawks aren't just for punk rockers. People of all walks of life can wear the shaved-on-the-sides look. Even people who don't want to shave the sides of their head can create the mohawk look by br... Read More »

Great Braiding Styles for Teenagers With Natural Hair?

Braids are totally in right now, with everyone from runway models to celebrities wearing them. Teens normally like to mimic the styles that they see. Teenagers with natural hair can easily style th... Read More »

Hot Braiding Styles?

Many cornrow and twist designs originated with traditional African designs. The variety of braiding styles gives the wearer many ways to re-invent her look. Hair stylists and beauty editors have lo... Read More »

Different Braiding Styles?

Braids are a great way to keep hair out of the face and keep you looking elegant and youthful. Although two braided pigtails are often synonymous with little girls, women can also look put together... Read More »