Natural Body Odor Remedy?

Answer Body odor is a problem that faces many people. While wearing deodorant and showering regularly are helpful in reducing body odor, these routines do not always block body odor altogether. By incorpo... Read More »

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Body Odor Remedy?

Sweating is a normal and even essential bodily function that helps regulate body temperature. However, once sweat comes across bacteria on the skin, it can produce a foul smelling odor. When excess... Read More »

How to Make a Natural Foot Odor Remedy?

Foot odor is always unpleasant, no matter your age or gender. Here are some tried and true natural remedies for treating it.

How to Get Rid of Natural Body Odor?

Your body's natural odor can cause an embarrassing stink, especially when you're sweating or have consumed certain foods or absorbed other smells throughout the day. Some people experience excessiv... Read More »

How to Make Natural Body Odor Blocker?

Body odor is caused by bacteria forming on the body. Sweat, anxiety, medications and nervousness can all contribute to body odor, and diets high in red meat can affect the potency of body odor. Nat... Read More »