Natural Ant Killer for Gardens?

Answer Killing ants in your garden is tricky because you need natural products that will remove the problem, without damaging any of your plants. Mixing sugar and water or using the right plants will kill... Read More »

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Natural Deer Repellent for Gardens?

Deer avoid areas treated with repellents due to either an offensive taste or odor. Repellents can be bought or made at home. Natural deer repellents are generally most effective when there are not ... Read More »

Natural Weed Killers for Vegetable Gardens?

Natural weed killers for vegetable gardens are alternatives for gardeners wanting to reduce the amount of toxic residue in their soil or on their plants. In addition, many of the ingredients used f... Read More »

What Is a Natural Weed Killer?

When annual or perennial weeds push their way through the soil, a homeowner has to act immediately to reduce the competition weeds offer and control their spread. Chemical and natural weed killers ... Read More »

A Natural Flea Killer for an Apartment?

Tiny blood-sucking insects, fleas can quickly become more than a nuisance. Fleabites are painfully unpleasant and leave itchy rid bumps on your skin. Fortunately, you do not have to fill your apart... Read More »