Native Turtle Species in Alabama?

Answer Alabama is in the southeast U.S., providing warm temperatures for cold-blooded animals such as turtles. Native turtles in Alabama include box, softshell turtles, and mud and musk turtles. Mud and m... Read More »

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Turtle Species of the Mississippi Delta?

Turtles are classified in the order Chelonia along with tortoises. Though turtles and tortoises exhibit many similarities -- most notably the possession of a shell -- most turtles live in water. Bo... Read More »

Animal Species Native to New Mexico?

New Mexico is home to some of the most varied animal populations in the United States. With a diverse climate that features rainy seasons and drought and land that comprises deserts and forests, Ne... Read More »

Plant & Animal Species Native to Arkansas?

Known as the Natural State, Arkansas is home to wildlife and plant species who live in the state's southern plains and the Ozark Mountains, which dominated the northwestern region of the state. Som... Read More »

Frogs Native to Alabama?

Alabama is home to 30 species of native frogs, including treefrogs, chorus frogs, cricket frogs and gopher frogs. The state is the third in the country for reptile and amphibian diversity, but 17.6... Read More »