Native Plants of Spain?

Answer Spain occupies the majority of the Iberian Peninsula in southwest Europe, which it shares with Portugal. Its land features rugged mountains, semi-dry deserts, a broad central plateau and river vall... Read More »

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What are some native landforms of Spain?

The central portion of Spain consists of a large plateau or meseta, which occupies approximately 40 percent of the country's total land area. There are several mountain chains ringing the county wi... Read More »

On moving to spain can we thake our potted plants?

I believe the first answer is right, but the second has merit, who's going to know if you don't tell them.For a different angle, why would you want to. If you sell them in the UK, you could buy man... Read More »

Native Thistle Plants?

The word "thistle" is an old English term for a large group of undesirable plants, according to the U.S. Forest Service. Ancient people saw thistle plants as part of a primeval curse placed upon hu... Read More »

Plants Native to Canada?

The native plants of any region are those that exist naturally in the area. These plants are most well adapted to the area's soil and weather conditions and are often a source of sustenance to wild... Read More »