Native American Tribes That Lived in or Live in Oregon?

Answer Maps provide clues to the identities of Native American tribes that occupied the Pacific Northwest. Twenty-first century names of many towns, cities, regions and water bodies reflect the area's nat... Read More »

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Uses of Buffalo Drums in Native American Tribes?

Drums were of great importance in the cultures of many ancient peoples. The Native Americans of the Great Plains hunted buffalo and used the hides for many purposes, including the creation of drums... Read More »

A List of Native American Indian Tribes?

Nearly every region of the United States was settled by Native American civilizations before the European colonists arrived to the New World in the 16th and 17th centuries. These tribes taught the ... Read More »

Which Tribes Lived in Georgia?

While no federally recognized tribes are in Georgia today, several state-recognized tribes can be found in the state. Prior to European settlement, several tribes lived in the territory that is now... Read More »

Locations of Native Indian Tribes in Virginia in 1607?

The first inhabitants of Virginia were a relatively homogeneous society before 500 B.C., organized into hundreds of large villages around the territory. Through the Middle to Late Woodland Period ... Read More »