Native American Spirit Stick Crafts?

Answer Native American spirit stick crafts symbolize the power once evoked by shamans during healing ceremonies and prayer sessions. Spirit sticks were typically used while dancing to banish impurities, b... Read More »

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Native American Children's Crafts?

Native American children's crafts can be used as extension activities for educational textbook units. Students can create art, toys and displays which showcase their knowledge of Native American cu... Read More »

Native American Games and Crafts?

There are many different Native American cultures in America. Each culture produces unique crafts that have inspired many wonderful craft projects. Many of these crafts can be made at home. There a... Read More »

Southwest Native American Crafts?

Southwest Native American crafts represent the ideas important to the tradition and culture of the people. For centuries, Native Americans have used their crafts in religious ceremonies, in everyda... Read More »

Native American Longhouse Crafts?

Native American longhouses were large enough to house an entire clan. They were shaped like a rectangle and could have either a domed or peaked roof. They were constructed of pole frames and elm ba... Read More »