National Adoption Awareness Month is coming up. What does it mean to you?

Answer People who have been "touched" by adoption are usually acutely aware of National Adoption Awareness Month. I think that for most of us it is the cruelest possible time of the year. On the first o... Read More »

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Do you think Adoption Awareness Month brings out the crazies?

yet another mouth piece for the industry, also known as a "shill" When will others learn that articles (oops editorials) like this are not about honoring anyone? Least of all about honoring mothers... Read More »

Beast Cancer Awareness Month is almost over. What kind of Awareness Month is November?

Diabetes. for reals. Send me a box of chocolates.Yeah that sugar free stuff has that sorbitol crap that may cause a laxative effect. LOL Some of that stuff is really no better for you than the ... Read More »

When is national pet adoption month?

Each year, animal advocates raise awareness to free some of the six million to eight million dogs and cats from shelters or rescue groups before they are euthanized and to match them with a faithfu... Read More »

When is cancer awareness month?

While there is no general cancer awareness month, the White House has established April as National Cancer Control Month. National Cancer Control Month is a time when efforts are made to inform the... Read More »