Nasa received three messages in a strange language from a distant planet the scientists studied the messages and found that necor buldon slock means danger rocket explosion and edwan mynor necor?

Answer It means Explosion

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Why do NASA scientists want to make a mission to the planet of Mars?

To find another planet that can support life in case Earth runs out of its resources in the future.

My text messages are not being received, what should I do?

Call your phone carrier to re-program the phone or take it into technical support at one of your local at&t stores.

Would you show me the last five text messages you received?

1. me too2. Hola como estas? te amo bb3. Te amo te extrano nene4. Te lo dije no pasta un kis5. Que es esa direccionTranslation1. me, too2. Hi how are you? I love you, baby3. It love you; I miss you... Read More »

Is it possible to permanently delete messages on Facebook that you have either sent or received or do they all?

I don't know the answer but I feel your pain. It can be so annoying when people in neighboring cells start bickering about the finer points of social networking. Even with the extra thick padded wa... Read More »