Narrow Nose Tips?

Answer Having a wide nose affects the shape and appearance of the face. Permanent fixes that narrow the nose are limited to plastic surgery. Rhinoplasty (a nose job) can narrow or elongate the nose, so th... Read More »

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Makeup Techniques for a Narrow Nose?

Makeup uses the face as a canvas. Using makeup properly to create illusions can give the wearer the look she desires. One function of properly applied makeup is to change the look of the nose. A na... Read More »

Tips for Nose Pimples?

A pimple is an infection caused when the skin can't rid itself of dirt, pollution or bacteria that get into your pores. Pimples most frequently occur when the pores become blocked with make-up or d... Read More »

Tips for a Drooping Nose?

A sagging face, specifically a drooping nose, is inevitable as you age. The cartilage in the lower part of your nose eventually starts to separate from the rest of your nose, resulting in a droopy ... Read More »

Home Tips For Removing Blackheads on the Nose?

Blackheads are caused by an abundance of sebum production in oil glands. They form more easily when the skin is not cleaned properly and dead skin cells build up. When sebum is exposed to the air i... Read More »