Narrative Persuasive Essay Topics for Speech Class?

Answer Getting your classmates and your teacher to agree with your point of view on a subject may seem a daunting task. Writing a narrative persuasive essay for speech class, however, lets people inside y... Read More »

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Persuasive Speech Topics for a 5-Minute Speech?

While speeches can be nerve-wracking, the persuasive speech is possibly one of the harder types of speeches. Informative speeches simply present information. Persuasive speeches, however, must sway... Read More »

Persuasive Speech Topics for Adolescents?

Traditional speech classes will require a student to write an argument for or against an issue. The speech is intended to convince an audience to take the presenter's side in the argument, making i... Read More »

Unique Persuasive Speech Topics?

A persuasive speech attempts to convince listeners of the speaker's point of view and change opinions, typically about a controversial issue. Speeches can sometimes urge people to action and even g... Read More »

Persuasive Competition Speech Topics?

Persuasive speeches require you to deliver a reasoned argument to convince an audience of your point of view. In competitive speaking you have the added obstacle of an opposing stance delivered by ... Read More »