Nanfang black sesame paste q?

Answer I think its about 50 gm (5 tablespoon) about 120 calories. Its high in carbohydrates and sugar. You can buy those unsweetened ones and adjust the sugar content. If you ate anything too much is bad.... Read More »

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Do you know any good recipes, sauces, dips or general uses for Tahini/Sesame paste?

Of course hummus is a great option. I also like to eat the tahini simply mixed with water, some cumin, paprika, salt, pepper, lemon juice and chopped parsley leaves. It goes great as a sandwich spr... Read More »

How to Make Black Henna Paste?

Henna is an ancient, non-permanent tattoo method using the powder of the Henna plant that is found in Africa, South Africa and Australia. The powder is formed into a paste and then applied by vario... Read More »

How to Make Black Henna Paste for the Hair?

Although henna is a natural and safe product to use when tattooing skin or dyeing hair, black henna can be just the opposite. Black henna is not pure henna, but contains para-phenylendiamine (PPD)... Read More »

How do i remove black paste shoe polish from cloth?

PreparationCreate a paste of 2 tablespoons of powdered detergent and a few drops of water. Stir vigorously with a plastic spoon.PretreatmentLay the cloth over a flat surface such as a table or the ... Read More »