Names of Peach & Strawberry Rum Alcohol Drinks?

Answer The pH properties of a peach, which is considered a sub-acid fruit, compliments a strawberry's acidity to produce a harmonious flavor combination. This might explain why peaches and strawberries ar... Read More »

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If it's ur 1st time 2 have a alcohol shot do u have a couple drinks i.e lagers b4 it or take b4 ne drinks?

I live by the rule: "beer before liquor you'll never be sicker, liquor before beer, you're in the clear."

Which one of the four least like the other three apple pear peach strawberry?

The answer is a strawberry,I believe. Why? Well, a couple reasons No skin, smaller size, Seeds on the outside unlike any of the others. Also, the strawberry is the least similar in that it is a her... Read More »

How to Make Blueberry Strawberry Peach Pie?

This is a special treat! It goes really well with vanilla ice cream.

Strawberry Vodka Drinks?

Vodka is typically a clear alcohol, originally made in Russia from fermented potatoes. Today's vodka can be distilled from other grains, including corn, wheat, or rye. While Epicurious notes that v... Read More »