Name the absolute best site on the Web that you could almost not live without?

Answer!It's basically a news aggregator for anything notable, wierd, funny, or thought-provoking. Best of all, thousands of other people visit there and discuss any and all of the news items. And... Read More »

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Whats the one web site you cant live without?

Where can I find Brokencyde (BC13)free music downloads or a site that has almost every artist outh there?

Go to google, and type this in exactly:"intitle:index of"Include the quotes in the search. That is very important. Now, after that, type in the name of the song. Then, .mp3. Then, the artist name. ... Read More »

Could You Live Without Google?

Yes we could. Their search engines will eventually determine what to show you instead of giving you a will see more of what you see on the right hand side of google search, ie sponsored... Read More »

Could you live without a computer?

Before August 13th I would have said no, I couldn't live without it. I shop on-line at Tesco and they deliver to my door. Perfect as I was severely disabled and in a wheelchair with arthritis. On ... Read More »