Name the 7 Types of Stars?

Answer Astrophysicists Eric Christian and Samar Safi-Harb explain there are 200 billion stars in our galaxy, most of which are found in a region containing the gas and dust needed for star formation. With... Read More »

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The Types of Stars for Kids?

The Earth's solar system contains much more than planets, moons and stars. Gases and nebulas also form. Stars use gases like cars use gasoline, as a fuel. The temperature of a star also determines ... Read More »

Types of Pulsar Stars?

Pulsars, which are a type of neutron star, are one of the smallest types of stars in the known universe. There are two main types of pulsars, and one sub-type. Knowing the differences between the t... Read More »

What Types of Stars Are Found in the Constellation Leo?

Constellations evoke iconic images, like the lion for the constellation Leo, that have been used by man for centuries to help "organize" the star field that we see from earth. The "backwards questi... Read More »

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